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Hi all,

All questions about the games’ download problems, installation, errors, fixed files .. Please reply here, we and everyone will try to help you to overcome those problems.

Thank you for visiting share-films daily

Wish you a happy day! :)

PS: We do not support the request game (or any other products) here, thanks!

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  1. themoustacheBroMan says:

    dunno if i had to put this here


    All 3 link sites are down :O


  2. [110922][Poison@Berry] プリンセスX ~僕の許嫁はモンスターっ娘!?~ + Original Soundtrack

    The webpage seems to have some problems

    “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _recaptcha_qsencode() (previously declared in /home/heyyo/public_html/Captcha.php:47) in /home/heyyo/public_html/Captcha.php on line 55″

    Could you check it out?

    The other page is ok for me


  3. The download links for:

    are down. Can you re-upload them please?

  4. [080627][Selen] 借金姉妹2 LIMITED EDITION + DummyCut Version + OST + Serial

    The webpage seems to have some problems.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _recaptcha_qsencode() (previously declared in /home/heyyo/public_html/Captcha.php:47) in /home/heyyo/public_html/Captcha.php on line 55

  5. Help i try to install this game

    [080725][catwalkNERO] 娼姫(しょうき)レティシア~今宵、王女は春を売る~

    but i always get error about folder not exist. H:\SETUPDATA\JanneTryData
    i have download a few times already.

  6. @themoustacheBroMan: I understand your problem, please read more here: http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?page_id=5156 , you need install japanese language for your computer :)

  7. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=4384

    How do I put crack ?
    It keep ask for id
    When try crack it go windows cannot find path

  8. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=67614
    They are like as chalk and cheese.

  9. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=67614
    As I said, it’s not a 窓ごしの部屋, it’s another game. Seeing actual 窓ごしの部屋 would be good, especially if 窓ごしの部屋 2 & 3 were reuploaded too.

  10. Wake up ! sir plase fix your website and plase tell the truth , im not being mean , but you are giving alot of hope that that is bite you right in as!!!

  11. Almost a week without game (re-)uploads… Should I wait longer or you’ve decided to stop (re-)uploading them?

  12. Can you reupload


    Since all those links died on the FBI attack lol

  13. Random I Guess says:
  14. Please reupload this…

    I think this disturbance is gloomy.
    We can’t download many files..

  15. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=36085
    can you reupload this game? and what about my other requests?

  16. miniferdi says:

    please re-upload this game, in depositfiles
    all link is deleted…

  17. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/%3fp%3d16112#comment-5351

    Please re-upload this HENTAI game if possible.
    I really want to play this game…thx.

  18. anomimous says:

    just to know: wtf happen to the names inside the archives??? did dlsite change winzip version or what??? for example i get this very long string of name “#U6deb#U4e71#U30de#U30de#U306b#U8089#U5974#U96b7#U306b#U3055#U308c#U308b#U50d5″ instead of 淫乱ママに肉奴隷にされる僕 inside the rar wen i unzip it all japanese character have all these #U something before this month i never go any problem with names at least in windows english setting!!! using the old trick= ntlea open winzip then extract do the same thing!!! did i forced need native japanese setting??? or is just a new windows 7 trick!? or maybe sorta of 64bit incompatibility!? this is from a winxp pro (32bit…lol) with english language

  19. Could you reupload http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=59843 ? Thanks 😀

  20. Could you reupload any of this trilogy?

    [060905][ソフトさーくるクレージュ] have relations with…
    [070809][ソフトさーくるクレージュ] have relations with…2
    [071103][ソフトさーくるクレージュ] have relations with…3 淳子と奈美と直之と俺

    Thanks a lot dude (…and i’m going to follow in twitter now ) 😀

  21. Random I Guess says:

    all links are down including backup =(

  22. Eiesoldar says:

    http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=12169 Can you reupload this? Thanks in advance))

    • Supporter says:

      Sorry but all links died and we can’t reupload again :(

      • Eiesoldar says:

        If there were some links alive, I wouldn’t have asked)) I thought you have backup for such cases) Alas… Well, I’ll try one barely moving torrent, perhaps it’ll be even fully downloadable…

  23. Random I Guess says:
  24. anonymous says:

    Hi can u pls fix Kaori Maeda’s download links ? all of it are gone.

  25. Randam I Guess says:
  26. Fucking New Guy says:


    all the links from hotfile are down, the ones by filesonic doesn’t allow download

  27. Eiesoldar says:

    http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=12392 Can you reupload this? Thanks in advance))

  28. Please, can reupload this CG?

    [天空牧場] 快賊変態日誌

    Thanks c:

  29. [110806][セイバーフィッシュ] インフィ●ットストラトス ~落ちこぼれによる復讐監禁陵辱劇~

    can not be use link. plz re-check files or Re-upload. plz.

  30. Please Re-up this game

    [080718][LiLiM/CHOIR] Aion Garden(アイオンガーデン) + CG pack

  31. All the sites for [100827][つるみく] HOUND -獣欲の買収者- say that it was removed, can you re-upload it?

  32. hello, could you please reup this: [070209][TRYSET] 教えてっ!おねてぃー

    thanks in advance

  33. hello, can you please reup this: [090828][みなとそふと] 真剣で私に恋しなさい!初回限定版 + Update 1.01 + Tokuten + Drama CD + Original SoundTrack + English Patch

    On uploaded please !

    thanks in advance

  34. can you upload hentai anime english sub all no have sub i hard to know what they saying

    plz upload hentai anime english sub pls

  35. Hi, could you re-up this to Ryushare? Thanks in advance!


  36. Can you reupload this? Thanks in advance!


  37. Hi, could you reupload these to Ryushare? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!



    http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?page_id=61676 (Japanese Win XP)

  38. ZeroTheEro says:


    requesting reupload for this, thanks in advance and all the best~!

  39. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=3133

    Any chance of getting a re-up of this oldie?

  40. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=109123

    Wrong attached file. It doesn’t match at all.

    you need to check that files.

  41. [061103][Crepe] 女騎士フレイ ~触手陵辱の贄~


    link is still broken. Could you please reupload ?

  42. genting hong says:


    can not download
    Could you please reupload ?thanks

  43. つく×つく お姉さんナースに尽くされるゲーム


    please fix the link for this game

  44. [げっべ堂] 聖女伝I
    many of the links are down (even backuplinks) and all the links concerning part 2 are down.
    I would appreciate a reupload. thanks.

    • Supporter says:

      Thank you for your order. We would like to try to upload as soon as possible to serve you all the best.

  45. [040917][Unknown] ABANDONER 初回版


    please reupload for this game thanks in advance .

  46. canyou please reupload this


    and maybe the other stuff from 家庭菜園

    thanks in advance

  47. can you reupload it: 落城のお姫様無残


  48. can you please reupload this

    [070413][Guilty+] 放課後の保健医~姉・汁辱~


    thanks in advance .

  49. Can you please reupload this? none of the filehosts are working.


  50. SomebodyReallyImportant says:

    can you reupload this please?


  51. hi…do you have this game??
    RJ126141 [アオクマシー] 電車で痴漢とホテルへGO!

  52. please could you get this game?


  53. http://gzou.erokuni.xyz/?share-films/?p=136009

    This game requires user authentication.

    How to find this authentication?

  54. YoukaiFan says:

    All the links are down for this one. In fact, I think the Bit links have gone down for a lot of the sites.


  55. YoukaiFan says:


    All these links are down. In fact, half the sites don’t even exist anymore!

  56. Please Help says:

    All links are down. Could you fix these?


  57. sapphire5 says:

    Hi, i was wondering if i could request this game please? i would very much appreciate it… thanks!


  58. eldrone says:

    supporter…do you still have this game


    if you still have it re-upload please especially bitshare and rapidgator one

  59. excuse me, can i request RJ 126535 ?
    thanks in advance and sorry for borrowing your time.

  60. Excuse me,

    “SAKURA Town 三丁目の男” is upgrade to Ver 1.8

    Can you upload the latest version?



  61. dsadsa456 says:

    can you please reupload


  62. PleasePlease says:

    Please re-upload![Silveredsteel] Bad Name.
    No link is connected.
    It is searching very!!!

  63. Can you please reupload this?


    [080518][シルキーズ] 愛姉妹・蕾…汚してください

  64. kasboy says:

    i know its a lot of work and asking is too easy.
    but… can you update all old files? like files that still have wupload or fileserve as links?

    just a wish

  65. Hi. I have seen quite a lot of old games, comics preview photos have been deleted (around 2013 before). Can someone reupload those photos agains (no need to rush)

  66. how to run startup.exe?
    This occurred 403 error

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